In no particular order: Christopher Hunt, Albert Hofmann, Henry Miller, Miles Davis, R.U. Sirius, John Perry Barlow, Skip Fox, Al Hubbard, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs, Charles Olson, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Barney Rossett, Sebastian Dangerfield, Happy the Man, Barry Atkinson, the Dead, R. Crumb, Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, James Joyce, J. M. Synge, Van Morrison, whomever designed Jaguar, Kesey, Frederick Douglass, Richard Wright, Levi Asher, Al Aronowitz, Robert Anton Wilson, Tim Leary, Gerard Martin, John Hebert, Inness Asher, Walker Speight, Glen Daigle, Viktor IV, Elizabeth Gips/Paddy, Lisa, JeongSook, dad and mom & all others who have borne the highs and lows of those touched and driven.

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